May 22, 2019

Montclair, is a simple, pure javascript App built with React, for tracking city buses in realtime. It supports any transit agency that is powered by Availtec or TransLoc APIs.

What’s with name?

The #44 - Montclair is the route I take everyday to work.


Birmingham, Alabama’s transit agency, the BJCTA (Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority) has a website for tracking the buses in real time. This website along with their mobile app are ok, but have some things that constantly annoy me. My biggest annoyance is that every time the App is brought to the foreground, it refreshes and resets you back to the main page, losing the bus you were trying to track. The other problem is that you can only view one route at a time (at least on the mobile app). I have 3 routes that I can choose between every day. When I open the app, I want those three routes selected by default so I can quickly see which route to pick.

So, I created Montclair:

Try It!

I have a version of Montclair running aginst Birmingham, AL’s Max transit system.

Get the Mobile App

Since iOS support for PWAs is still limited, I wrapped the app using Cordova to create a native app. You can download it below:

Montclair: Apple App Store!

Montclair: Android Play Store!

Get the Source

Want to see how it works, or want to run a version for your transit system. Get the source code on my github page: